Part 4: End Note

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It is time to see nursing differently.

"There is a widely held view that all systems tend towards disorder and that energy is required to maintain order.  Nurses are the source of this energy in healthcare.

Formal organisations have a tendency to overestimate their orderliness and the degree to which their activities are governed by rational systems and processes.

Yet in so far as healthcare exhibits any order, the findings of this study show, this must be understood as a nursing order."

Allen, D. (2015) The Invisible Work of Nurses: Hospitals, Organisation and Healthcare, London: Routledge


So you think you know what nursing looks like?

Think again.

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The nurses who participated in the study

School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies Cardiff University

The Health Foundation

Heather Strange

Alison Evans

Cardiff University School of Healthcare Sciences Simulation Suite Team

Cardiff University Centre for Trials Research colleagues



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